Thursday, February 27, 2014

9 Motivational Quotes You should Tell Yourself Everyday



Success could mean different to each of us. Whatever success you are aiming for today, it could be success in job, work or in career, success in relationship or life in general, here are 9 motivational quotes you should be telling yourself everyday to help lift your confidence and productivity:

1. When the voice inside your head tells you that you are weak, say no. You are not. You are not weak. Because some parts of you are made of metal and metal is malleable, which is to say, you can bend and dent, but you will never break.

2. When somebody tells you that you’re a disappointment, remember that you are somebody else’s hope, always. You are hope, always.

3. When all this time, you’ve existed for the purpose of becoming invisible, teach yourself the opposite. Your hands are made to touch, so touch. Hold. Teach your voice to say things other than words that make you feel small, because you are the opposite of small.

4. You are the opposite of forgetting.

5. Learn to be the river and not the lake. Do not be the body of water that stays still. Be the river that swallows part of the ocean, that no matter how small it may look alongside it, it is never afraid to slam itself against the ocean. engulf the horses and the henchmen, who dare walk through you.

6. For each time you fall, you pick yourself up. again, and again. You never stop fighting.

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Saturday, July 27, 2013
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